Cocktail Party

Florida And #18 Georgia To Play at World’s Biggest Cocktail Party

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There is no love loss between the Florida Gators and the Georgia Bulldogs, neither team is particularly fond of the other, and usually when they meet, a trip to the SEC championship game is on the line.

That scenario plays out again today when the #11 Gators look to get back into the national championship game picture, and the #18 Bulldogs look to show that they belong in the conversation when it comes to top SEC teams.

Florida finally got back on track last week when they went on the road and defeated a very good Kentucky team, the win helped coach Urban Meyer avoid his first three game losing streak ever.

Georgia has been a bit of a mystery so far this year as they have at times looked like the best team in the conference, while at other times looked like they are terrible. They must bring their best today if they are looking to upset the Gators.

Florida, ironically, is not out of the picture for a national title yet, and although they have lost two games, a win today would probably get them back into the top ten, where anything can happen with over a month of football left to play.

The game will be televised on CBS as the SEC game of the week.

ABC Gambling On Buckeyes And Nittany Lions in Prime Time

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College football is just as much about ratings to the television networks as any other product that they air, and that is why on a day where many top conference games are being played, ABC is gambling on the draw of Ohio State for their prime time game.

The Buckeyes come into their game with Penn State as the #1 team in the BCS standings, and while many people around the country believe that ranking is by default, they will be out to solidify their hold on #1 with an impressive win.

Penn State is looking to upset the Buckeyes, and many believe that since Ohio State has not played anyone, that the thoughts of an upset are realistic.

The game will be tough for the Buckeyes as they have to go on the road to Happy Valley, not the place where they want to play their first meaningful game of the year.

The PAC Ten has a big match up between California and Oregon that could have filled the prime time slot, but ABC went with the #1 team, and is banking on their large fan base around the country to draw ratings.

Should Penn State pull off the upset, Boston College would probably be the new #1 team after their comeback victory on Thursday night on the road against Virginia Tech.

Game time for Ohio State and Penn State is set for 8:00.

Buckeyes Prepare

Buckeyes Prepare For Next Big Test Against Badgers

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Not many people in America believe that the Ohio State Buckeyes are the best college football team in the nation, but then again, the only thing that counts is that the Buckeyes remain #1 in the BCS.

The journey to stay on top continues today for Ohio State as they face their second big test of the year. Last week, they pummeled a ranked Penn State team, but that was discredited by many who believe the Nittany Lions should not have been in the rankings.

This week, the Badgers come to town and while the Buckeyes know how dangerous Wisconsin can be, they are once again in a no win situation.

If they should win this game, critics will say that Wisconsin is another of the overrated teams in the Big Ten and that their 21st ranking was a farce, but, if the Buckeyes should lose, it is likely they would fall far out of national championship contention.

The only thing Ohio State can do is keep winning, and although public perception is that the Big Ten is down, the conference still carries enough clout that an undefeated Ohio State team should end up in their second consecutive national title game.

Game time for this showdown is set for 12:00 and will be televised on the Big Ten Network, a sign of how much disrespect the Buckeyes are getting, as the game will not be televised nationally on any of the major networks.

Football Rankings

BCS College Football Rankings Released, LSU Tigers New #1

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Critics have been saying ever since Ohio State took over as the number one team in the BCS that they were there by default and that they were overrated, now they have been exposed after losing to Illinois on Saturday.

The LSU Tigers have taken the reigns as the new #1 team in the BCS, and the Tigers now have a clear run to the championship game if they can run the table and win the SEC championship game.

Oregon, another team that lost early and has not lost since, moved up from #3 to #2, and the Ducks are now in a position to face LSU in a championship game that would involve two teams from what are perceived to be the two best conferences in College Football this season.

Kansas won impressively again this weekend and now takes their perfect 10-0 record into the #3 spot in the BCS. Oklahoma, a team that Kansas will have to beat to stay in the top five, is fourth at 9-1, and Missouri, another Big Twelve team is number five with their 9-1 record.

Here is a look at the top twenty five teams in the BCS for week 5:






6.West Virginia

7.Ohio State

8.Arizona State


10.Virginia Tech







17.Boston College

18.Boise State








Indianapolis And San Diego Looking To Rebound After Losses Last Week

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When the Indianapolis Colts stepped on the field last week against the New England Patriots, their goal was to show the world that they still were the team to beat in the AFC.

The Colts lost that game, and now will turn their attention to the San Diego Chargers, who also lost last week in a game that saw the Chargers give up the most rushing yards in one game in the history of the NFL.

San Diego had been playing well until last week as they shook off an early season slump, but now they are back at square one and are in desperate need of a win tonight to stay in the playoff hunt.

The Colts feel they should have won the game last week against the Patriots, and although they did not, they still believe they are the best team in the league, and the only way to prove that is to start another long winning streak, beginning tonight.

This game was touted before the season as one which could have been a preview of the AFC championship game, but with the Chargers struggling, there is no guarantee they will even be in the playoffs.

Game time tonight is set for 8:15 and will be shown nationally on NBC.

Wildcats To Face Gamecocks

Wildcats To Face Gamecocks in Thursday Night SEC Showdown

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The Kentucky Wildcats have not been a competitive football team since Jared Lorenzen left for the NFL, but a win tonight against the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Wildcats will become a team to reckon with in the SEC.

South Carolina made the move a few seasons ago that they felt would ensure that they get to the top of the college football World, they hired the old ball coach, Steve Spurrier.

After a couple of rebuilding years in which Spurrier himself did not think the Gamecocks were worthy of contending, South Carolina finally might have what it takes.

Speaking before the season to his players, he revealed that he feels they finally have all the pieces in place to compete for an SEC crown. They failed their first test, getting their clocks cleaned by the #1 team in the nation, LSU, but they can go a long way toward redemption by beating the Wildcats.

Kentucky comes into the game riding the coat tails of their all everything quarterback Andre Woodson, and an offense that can score points in a hurry.

South Carolina touts the 25th ranked defense in the country, and as is the case so often with big games in football, something will have to give.

The game will be played in South Carolina, which gives the Gamecocks an edge, but whoever comes out on top will be well towards their goal of winning a conference title.

Australia Working

Australia Working To Prevent Illegal Gambling At Tennis Tournament

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The gambling scandal that has rocked the tennis world over the past few months is being taken seriously by officials in Australia, as they are working on keeping match throwing out of their tournament.

Many of the sports players have come out and either admitted that they threw matches for money, or that they were approached to throw matches for money, either way, the news is not good for a struggling sport.

The Australian Open is one of the sports four major tournaments and officials are doing everything possible to keep the scandal from ruining their tournament.

A security consultant has been hired and a working party has been formed, and those are only a few of the measures that have been taken to avoid any further embarrassment of the sport.

No matter what they come up with, however, some players, like Wimbledon doubles champion Michael Llodra think the problem is too far advanced to be stopped.

“We have the feeling that a lot of people have been approached. There’s a lot of talk about it on the circuit. Wherever there is money, you have crooks. It is difficult to stop because there is a powerful ring behind it.”

The Australian Open is set to be the first grand slam tournament played next year, and it will be held in January.

ACC Takes The Thursday Stage As Hokies Face Yellow Jackets

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The Virginia Tech Hokies suffered a loss early in this college football season that hurt their chances of winning a national title.

Then, after battling back to the top of the rankings, they were shocked in the last two minutes last week against Boston College.

Now, they once again are in prime time and this time, they must beat Georgia Tech to keep their ACC title hopes alive.

Georgia Tech also started the season strongly, but has slipped of late and is in danger of falling further down the bowl depth chart.

Both of these teams were predicted high in the rankings early in the year, but as is the case with most rankings, they did not turn out to be accurate as both teams have at least two losses, although Virginia Tech only has one conference loss.

The game will be played in Georgia, which accounts for them being favored by sportsbooks. the line on the game is Yellow Jackets -2.5.

The game will be shown on ESPN at 7:45.

Bets at Stake as Season

Baseball Prop Bets at Stake as Season Comes Down The Stretch

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Gamblers can find lists and lists of items to place a wager on at the beginning of a professional sport season, but when it comes to baseball, those lists are much longer than in other sports.

The season is just two and a half weeks away from being finished and this is the time of the year that gamblers who placed bets on season outcomes begin to stress a little bit harder.

Of all the proposition bets that gamblers can place their money on before the baseball season starts, the over under on team wins is one that is favored by many gamblers. Trying to predict which bad teams will over perform and which good team will not reach its potential is fun for everyone involved.

But when the calendar turns to September, all the fun goes out the window when one is left hoping that the Royals or Devil Rays can win 10 of their last 25 games, or, if the Yankees can somehow recover from their early season misery to catch their expected win total.

Also on the line in the final few weeks for gamblers are individual performance prop bets. A person could have gambled on who would win the batting title in each league, or whether Johan Santana will win twenty games.

Perhaps the most stressed gamblers of the bunch are those who placed bets on one player versus another player. For instance, someone could have bet who would hit more home runs on the season, Vlad Guerrero of Jeff Francoeur. The bet would not have been heads up as it would have been waited by Guerrero giving up a few home runs to start, kind of like a point spread.

So as the season winds to a close, its always interesting to see the games through the eyes of a gambler, while most of us are watching the last few weeks in anticipation of the upcoming playoffs, there are a select group of individuals who will be hanging tooth and nail on the outcome of each and every pitch, thanks to actions taken back in late March, early April.