Baseball Prop Bets at Stake as Season Comes Down The Stretch

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Gamblers can find lists and lists of items to place a wager on at the beginning of a professional sport season, but when it comes to baseball, those lists are much longer than in other sports.

The season is just two and a half weeks away from being finished and this is the time of the year that gamblers who placed bets on season outcomes begin to stress a little bit harder.

Of all the proposition bets that gamblers can place their money on before the baseball season starts, the over under on team wins is one that is favored by many gamblers. Trying to predict which bad teams will over perform and which good team will not reach its potential is fun for everyone involved.

But when the calendar turns to September, all the fun goes out the window when one is left hoping that the Royals or Devil Rays can win 10 of their last 25 games, or, if the Yankees can somehow recover from their early season misery to catch their expected win total.

Also on the line in the final few weeks for gamblers are individual performance prop bets. A person could have gambled on who would win the batting title in each league, or whether Johan Santana will win twenty games.

Perhaps the most stressed gamblers of the bunch are those who placed bets on one player versus another player. For instance, someone could have bet who would hit more home runs on the season, Vlad Guerrero of Jeff Francoeur. The bet would not have been heads up as it would have been waited by Guerrero giving up a few home runs to start, kind of like a point spread.

So as the season winds to a close, its always interesting to see the games through the eyes of a gambler, while most of us are watching the last few weeks in anticipation of the upcoming playoffs, there are a select group of individuals who will be hanging tooth and nail on the outcome of each and every pitch, thanks to actions taken back in late March, early April.

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