Australia Working To Prevent Illegal Gambling At Tennis Tournament

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The gambling scandal that has rocked the tennis world over the past few months is being taken seriously by officials in Australia, as they are working on keeping match throwing out of their tournament.

Many of the sports players have come out and either admitted that they threw matches for money, or that they were approached to throw matches for money, either way, the news is not good for a struggling sport.

The Australian Open is one of the sports four major tournaments and officials are doing everything possible to keep the scandal from ruining their tournament.

A security consultant has been hired and a working party has been formed, and those are only a few of the measures that have been taken to avoid any further embarrassment of the sport.

No matter what they come up with, however, some players, like Wimbledon doubles champion Michael Llodra think the problem is too far advanced to be stopped.

“We have the feeling that a lot of people have been approached. There’s a lot of talk about it on the circuit. Wherever there is money, you have crooks. It is difficult to stop because there is a powerful ring behind it.”

The Australian Open is set to be the first grand slam tournament played next year, and it will be held in January.

ACC Takes The Thursday Stage As Hokies Face Yellow Jackets

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The Virginia Tech Hokies suffered a loss early in this college football season that hurt their chances of winning a national title.

Then, after battling back to the top of the rankings, they were shocked in the last two minutes last week against Boston College.

Now, they once again are in prime time and this time, they must beat Georgia Tech to keep their ACC title hopes alive.

Georgia Tech also started the season strongly, but has slipped of late and is in danger of falling further down the bowl depth chart.

Both of these teams were predicted high in the rankings early in the year, but as is the case with most rankings, they did not turn out to be accurate as both teams have at least two losses, although Virginia Tech only has one conference loss.

The game will be played in Georgia, which accounts for them being favored by sportsbooks. the line on the game is Yellow Jackets -2.5.

The game will be shown on ESPN at 7:45.

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